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How it Works

Easily Join any Chit funds

Choose between a variety of Chit funds and Join easily, Apply within minutes online and approval in 72 hours

Online Auction

Participate in Online Auction and pay the installments 100% online, Easy hassle free process to collect Prize money

No Fraud and Fully Secured

No Fraud and Fully secured, Join in Registered Chit funds, verified by StackSave.

Understand what is StackSave

How to Join StackSave


Complete Digital Process

Frictionless Onboarding completely Online

World Class UI Experience

Complete chit life-cycle in your finger tips

Safe and Secured

Only Registered Chit funds and Verified by StackSave

Pay Subscriptions Online

Easy hassle free payments

Accomplish Your Financial Goals

Plan and become financially secure

Digital Auctions

Option to participate in Digital Auctions

For Chit Fund Companies

Free of Charge

Join our Platform for free and have complete control over your chit features

Manage Transactions

Chit Funds can manage the Transactions, Conduct Auctions 100% digitally without any Manual intervention

Better Risk Profiling for Subscribers

Free E-KYC done by StackSave and better profiling , to generate high quality Leads

World Class Dashboards

Better Analysis and Innovative Tools for Foreman/Collection agents

Only Registered Chit Funds

Only Registered Chit Funds can join the platform




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